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In the last week I have learned of an eight year old little girl that committed suicide. I wonder if the reasons will ever be made public.

I spent a day with a mother who is unable to verbalize what was done to her when she was a little girl. A mother who has spent the last 50 years in pain and her own shame.

How we the “survivors” are the ones to live with the shame I will never understand as we did nothing wrong. Yet we are the ones who have been slaughtered. After we have been sexually abused most of us spend our lives trying to get healthy, trying to get rid of the shame. We try to live. I am grateful that I am living and that I am alive. Some are not that lucky. The little girl who ended her life and the mother who is slowly killing herself with booze. Many survivors suffer in silence. Some have addictions, mental illness and eating disorders. They spend a lifetime trying to be healthy. The thing is someone willingly slaughtered these children when they sexually abused them and we as a Canadians have let the offenders get away with it. The ones that get caught serve on average of 6 months in jail and lets face it most will never see the inside of a jail cell.

It is time for all of us survivors to stand up and be a voice for children and help protect them from being sexually abused. They need us just like we needed adults when we were little kids. I thought to myself when I learned of the little girl who ended her life WHAT IF WE HAD OUR RANCH WOULD SHE HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO HEAL? I also thought about the mother who has spent 50 years dying if we had our ranch could we have helped her? We owe it to survivors to give them a place to heal. They did NOTHING wrong. I pray for the little girl who is no longer on this earth that she may rest in peace and that one day I will meet her in heaven and hold her and tell her I love her and that I am so sorry. I Pray for for the mother who wants the pain to end that she will find peace on earth and know happiness before she leaves this earth.

To all survivors I pray that you know you are lovable, that it was not your fault and that you are not alone.

Much love g


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