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I thought I would share a lesson I have learned recently. For many years I ran on the treadmill of life at full speed. I never stopped, I just kept running. I would run so fast I would trigger my anxiety and end up very sick. Once I had enough energy to function I would run again and fast. I never took breaks or enjoyed much of anything. I was very sick in many ways. In the last few months I have started to get very run down. I have felt overwhelmed about raising money for little warriors and finding money to build the little warriors ranch. Being in this place of being overwhelmed I triggered my anxiety in a bad way. However I did something I have never done when I started to fall off the treadmill. I hit the stop button and got off the treadmill. I took a few days off and cared for myself. You mean we can actually get off the treadmill? Yes we can we just have to hit the stop button and get off. I did. I am the type of person that when I take something on I give 150% even if I end up really sick. So this time I got off the treadmill and made a commitment not to take everything on myself. Little Warriors is not mine it is OURS. Little Warriors belongs to Canadians and if we want to build theĀ  be brave ranch and we want little warriors to do great things then we all have to support it in whatever way we can not just talk about . My dream is to build the be brave ranch for child and adult survivors of child sexual abuse, but I cannot do it alone. I am very proud of the lesson of stepping off the treadmill, its taken me many years to surrender things in my life. I have also learned that I am only one person and I need help. I am going to take better care of myself. Much love g

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