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Glori Meldrum is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s fighting for herself or for the peace and dignity of others. Glori fearlessly and openly share her own personal experience of child sexual abuse and explains the depth of damage that it caused even in adulthood today. She talks about how she took that pain and used it to found Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch, to help prevent more abuse in the future for other children, and give them a road map of where to turn to when they are faced with a situation similar to hers. Glori then also talks about how her cancer diagnosis led her to find more self-love, clarity, and truth than ever. A successful entrepreneur and dynamic businesswoman, Glori reminds us that you can have it all on the outside but it’s really the inside love that counts.

– Carrie Doll


The 10th Annual Be Brave Luncheon

World Diversity in Leadership Conference 2023

The 7th Annual Little Warriors Golf Tournament

Speaking Topics:


The only way we can be free is through vulnerability and to learn how to fully surrender yourself.

One of the lessons that Glori’s cancer diagnosis and treatment taught her was to be more present and allow yourself to be vulnerable. The people who are truly happy in their lives, are people who embrace vulnerability and share it with people who they’re close to. Sharing those vulnerability allows you to feel more whole, happy and content in life because there’s is a deeper connection. It is in that vulnerability that we can start to build beautiful things.

Lead from a place of love, not fear.

The greatest gifts I learned were from places of complete darkness. It teaches us to feel compassion and love for other people because we know what it is like to live in darkness.

The key for leading with love is to nurture a culture where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable. When we’re leading with love, we embrace our own vulnerability, openly acknowledge our imperfections, and share how these allow us to learn and grow. To Glori, it means learning to surrender, living life to the fullest while serving others, and leading from a place of love instead of fear.

Beautifully Broken

We are all beautifully broken but it is in that brokenness that we can build beautiful things.

Glori talks about her brokenness and how it led to her breakthrough with Little Warriors. And how by serving others, she started to heal and repair from the inside out. All of us are beautifully broken but it is in our brokenness that we become game changers, that we make things happen because we understand darkness and we understand pain and the end of our comfort zone.

Human Leadership

To be good leaders, we need to have human connection. It is about putting people first.

Glori is the type of leader who always puts her people before her numbers and feels a sense of responsibility in making sure everyone who works at her business and organization feels fulfilled and engaged in the work they do. When we start caring about each team member, they start caring about each other. We want to know that our team respect us, recognize us, care for us – and we want to know that the people who lead us do the same.

Mental Health

I’ve made a decision to share a side of me that most people don’t know, my struggle with mental health. I want people to know that other side of me and hopefully it gives people hope that, as broken as I was, that they can find some hope, peace and happiness.

Glori addresses the importance of awareness in mental health. She shares some personal stories regarding her experience with mental health and the value of support networks. She draws on the multi-modal, evidence based trauma therapy program developed for Little Warriors to empower people to take control of their lives and to help equip people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to live better lives. Glori continues to inspires people around the world to take control of their mental and physical health and start living more impactful, meaningful lives.

Walking in Faith

Little Warriors was a whisper from God. If we are quiet enough, we hear God’s whisper and that is the work that God calls us to do. I never chose this path, it chose me. It is only with his love that I was able to walk with him on this journey.

A survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and cancer, Glori opens up about her story and how she found faith. We are all here for a greater purpose other than our careers and raising kids. When we are faced with challenges, it can seem like God isn’t listening. And when we’re in the middle of difficulties, we can feel abandoned and ignored. In an attempt to help us slow down and focus on God’s love, he often whispers, and unless we’re familiar with the sound of his voice, we will miss his words. Glori shows us how to stop and listen to the whisper of God and talks about how we are suppose to serve. “Speak, for Your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:1–10 NIV).